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Copper Camprofile Gasket

Camprofile gasket is a kind of soft gasket, whose sealing effect is better than that of the metal flat gasket. Generally the precision lathe is used to process concentric,wavy and serrated grooves with a 90angle on both sides of the metal stainless steel flat gasket. According to the different medium, flexible graphite, PTFE, non-asbestos plate or other soft metal can be chosen to be affixed to both sides of the gasket. We can make use of the soft covering socket's airtightness and the metal's strong strength and flexibility as well as the function of labyrinth seal to yield the same sealing effect with a small gasket compaction. The comprofile gasket can be used directly and also have a good sealing effect without the covering seal course, but that will easily lead to the flange's surface loss in a high-pressure case. The comprofile gasket is mainly applied for the sealing of middle/high-pressure and high-temperature pressure containers and pipeline flanges.

Type Section shape
Basic type A
Outer ring type B
Inner and outer rings type C

Main technique parameters of comprofile gasket:

Material of metal Material of seal course Temperature Pressure
304 Graphite -196+600 300
304L ePTFE -268+310 210

Notes for Order: The following parameters shall be noted in the order of metal comprofile gasket.
1. Standard for gasket flange
2. Pipe diameter and pressure class
3. Material of gasket
4. Material of soft seal course

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